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4줄짜리 파이썬 Brainfuck 인터프리터

2004/11/19 PM 09:30 | 개발/obfuscation | 0 comments | 0 trackbacks | AllBlog: vote, to pocket

여기서 받을 수 있다. curses 버전과 msvcrt 버전이 따로 있으니 필요한 버전을 쓰면 된다. :)

# for msvcrt
def bf(s):exec"from msvcrt import*;p=q=d=n=0;x={};l=[]\nwhile p<len(s):\n if d:d+={'[':1,']':-1}.get(s[p],0zin'+-':n+=44-ord(s[p]zin'<>':x[q]=n;q+=ord(s[p])-61;n=x.get(q,0z=='.':putch(chr(n)z==',':n=ord(getche()z=='[':d,=(n and[l.append(p)]or[1]z==']':p=l.pop()-1\n p+=1".replace('z','\n elif s[p]')#tokigun20041119:)

# for curses
def bf(s):exec"from curses import*;u=initscr();p=q=d=n=0;x={};l=[]\nwhile p<len(s):\n if d:d+={'[':1,']':-1}.get(s[p],0zin'+-':n+=44-ord(s[p]zin'<>':x[q]=n;q+=ord(s[p])-61;n=x.get(q,0z=='.':u.echochar(nz==',':n=u.getch(z=='[':d,=(n and[l.append(p)]or[1]z==']':p=l.pop()-1\n p+=1\nendwin()".replace('z',')\n elif s[p]')

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