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카이스트 입학식 식사

2005/03/05 AM 11:35 | 일상 | 7 comments | 0 trackbacks | AllBlog: vote, to pocket

입학식은 한 사흘 전이었지만 귀차니즘으로 타이핑 안 했다가 생각나서 타이핑해서 올림.

Good morning everyone. It's a pleasure to welcome you all to KAIST---both incoming students and parents---and to be reminded by your faces how important a moment this is. I went through university entrance myself, of course, and I remember its anxieties vividly. As usual, they disappeared in a few weeks. I also experienced parent stress as my own sons entered school, but it disappeared in a few weeks too.

It's a shame there has to be any anxiety at all, for its' completely unnecessary. To the students I say: relax, you will do just fine. To the parents I say: relax, they will be OK, Take comfort from the thought that everyone in the world is an amateur when it comes to university entrance, and it nontheless manages to work out.

I would like to ask you incoming freshmen to keep your eyes open for some new opportunities we are trying to create for you here at KAIST---notably that of doing research. I feel strongly that early research experience is invaluable, and I have taken steps to generate a special fund for undergraduate research support. It does not exist yet, but I expect it to be in place this time next year. I would like as many of you as possible to yearn for travel or study abroad. It is one of the most important things a young person in the modern world does. I also urge you to strike a healthy balance between focus and breadth. Study is necessary for a career in science (and most other things) but it is not sufficient.

Excessively narrow people don't get jobs. I am happy to steer you to the campus clubs at KAIST, which are terrific and quite famous outside KAIST.

Some of them can teach you fascinating and important things you will never learn in the classroom. You will have invested your time at KAIST well if, twenty years from now, you look back on the experience with intense pleasure.

I would like to ask parents to also keep your eyes open, although for the larger propose of helping us see needs. The common joke among university parents is that you're fine if your child DOESN'T phone home or write. That's the way it should be, I think.

Nonetheless parents have important things to say to the university itself, and we are always anxious to hear them because, well, you are the boss. If you send me email I will answer---although maybe not instantly. I am unfortunately finite, just like you.

Once again, welcome to KAIST.

2005. 3. 2.
KAIST President Robert. B. Laughlin

Copyright 2005 R. B. Laughlin. This work is distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons license. The author grants permission to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work in unaltered form, with attribution to the author, for noncommercial purposes only. All other rights, including commercial rights, are reserved to the author.

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Comment: likejazz (2005/03/05 PM 01:38)

그런데 러플린총장이 정말로 연설문을 CCL 로 표기하고 배포를 허락했나요 ? 하단에 CCL 문구는 누구의 작품인지 궁금하네요.

Comment: 토끼군 (2005/03/05 PM 02:03)

likejazz: 원문 그대로 옮겨 왔는데 이게 러플린 총장이 직접 써 넣은 건지는 잘 모르겠습니다.

Comment: klutzy (2005/03/05 PM 05:28)

아카펠라팀이 멋진 공연-.-을 보여주는동안에도 저 문구가 계속 떠올라서 집중이 안되던(...)

Comment: CN (2005/03/05 PM 06:02)

정말 특이하네요.

Comment: 토끼군 (2005/03/05 PM 06:04)

klutzy: 우하하하; 교가만 안 불렀다면(이럴 리가 없겠지만) 더 좋았을 텐데....
CN: 흐흐...

Comment: 지현준 (2005/03/06 PM 11:38)

어째서 sebul.org에서 놀고 있는 거지?

Comment: 토끼군 (2005/03/07 AM 12:02)

지현준: 음 sebul.org가 어째서요? -.-

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